Success is a Marathon, not a Sprint.

You make the sale - You keep the $$$!

Why should you get $65 - $100 per $500 sale when you do all the work!

Here is your opportunity to make the sale and keep all the $$$.

Work from anywhere!
Pay nothing to start, no investment, no contracts, nothing to buy.

Yes - this is telemarketing / telesales - but working for yourself  and so you keep 100% of the sales $$$.  If that scares you -- read no further.

But if you've ever done any Vacation Telemarketing for anyone else you know how frustrating it can be.  There, you got the frustrations and the boss got the $$$.   Here, you still get all the frustrations but also ALL THE $$$.   

Bottom line there are 3 things you need to make money anywhere:

1) What to sell,
2) Who to talk to, and
3) How to get paid.

Well now you can telemarket for yourself and keep all the $$$.  We can set you up, for free, with 1) What to sell, 2) Who to call, and 3) How to get paid.    All you have to invest is your time.

Who to call?

There are lead generators that attend various Home Shows, BBQ Shows, etc.  You've seen them - Travel related booth advertising "Register for a Florida Vacation" or some such. Some booths are manned some static booths. They get you to fill out a lead card and put it into a box.  We will be happy to  give you a list of those that have contacted us.

The lead broker gathers up the cards at the end of the day and send them COD to his telemarketing clients.  (He receives ~$3.00 each for these leads.

The Internet lead generators usually send spam "Two Free Universal Studio Theme Park Tickets".  Those that respond he send to his telemarketing clients for ~$2.00 each.

Either source gives you a steady stream of people to call that want to visit Florida on their next vacation!

A fair telemarketer can close about 1 out of 20 of these leads. So what does that mean? It means your lead cost for each package sold is ~$60.00.  But since you are selling a vacation package for ~$500.00 - - - - $440 is not a bad gross profit margin for your time!  So workamp at $8.00/hr or work the phone on your own time for far more. 

If you want to travel around attending the shows and be a lead generator/broker, let us know and we will tie you up with various telemarketers looking for leads.  

So what am I selling?

An Orlando, The Beach, and The Bahamas Vacation - [Click Here] to se an example.

We print and drop ship in your name your vacation package directly to your customers within 2 days of receiving your order and we handle all reservation processing and fulfillment on the back end!   All for  only $35/package shipped.

If you've done this before and are more comfortable with a specific package, you can create your own tailored vacation package made up of your selection of our and other's individual vacation offerings. 

All this with NO Cash Flow Problems. Why no cash flow problems? Because there is NO pre-purchase required!  No Minimums!  You don't order the package delivery until AFTER the sale and AFTER you have your money safely in your bank account.  Minimize risk AND maximize Cash Flow.

No more investing in an untried inventory of product.  No gambling on whether the clients payment will clear or not. You do not commit to the cost of printing and shipping until after the customer's payment has cleared your bank and yet your client still gets their vacation package timely.

Want To Start? [Click Here]

How can we do this?  

No, we are not philanthropists. You are the front line in the selection process of resort buyers.   You've all been to timeshare resorts & their sales presentations - well this is how many of those families end up at the tables for those presentations.

The challange is to weed out the analytical, mooch, etc.  So we have found that, as a telemarketer, when you call that potential vacationer that filled out that lead card, you are interrupting whatever they were doing and, to them, you are the scum of the earth trying to get them to buy some overpriced useless product they have no interest in buying and just want to get you off the phone.  And yet, for those that bought a package, within 5 minutes you had built a dream and had them so loving you that they will provide you with their banking information.

If that vacationer will listen to the dreams you are building over the phone and they are willing to pay to experience those dreams - We know that a resort salesman has a far better chance with that family when he is selling them face to face and showing them the actual product he is selling.  Consequently we are willing to invest our money in advance to pick up the cost of that family's vacation accommodations in exchange for 2 hours of their time spent at the resort's sales table. 

What this means to you is that you get to retain the original package sales dollar!

That is why your ability to Dream Build and sell is so important - It is that skill that will make you a lot of money!   If you can talk - you can do it!

If you don't think you can - check Craigslist Help Wanted - Sales Jobs - and get a job in a local telemarketing room - they will train you on how to do it!


How To Start 

For more information:

Tell us what package you're now selling and we'll match it! You can then continue selling uninterrupted!

View a sample
"Orlando, The beach and the Bahamas Vacation"
[Click Here]

You Can Start Selling this Vacation Packages Immediately.

Try it out.  There are  no minimums, no contracts, not even any  sign-up until you want us to ship your package. 

Start on a trial basis - Sell 1 or 100 a week - just  send us your order after you've been paid by your purchasers and we print and ship your vacation package w/in 48 hrs.   

For more information:
 [Click Here]

Our Services

We are a Package Printing and shipping service This site was created to pass on whatever information we run across to assist you - the front line sales force.  

Independent reservation processors are responsible for the actual fulfillment of these packages.  These processors in turn contract with various local Travel Agencies who actually interface with the vacationer and book their vacation. 

As such, neither we nor these fulfillers have any involvement in the retail sale.  We have no involvement in to who or how you market these packages.  We are not even notified of a sale having been made until long after the culmination of the sale by you.  

Likewise, our fulfillers have no involvement with the sales process and are not notified until the vacationer ultimately submits their reservation request at which time their involvement is the passing on of these submitted reservation requests to their affiliated full service travel agents located in the various vacation destinations.  

All vacation fulfillment is by these third party Travel Agencies.

This arrangement protects you, the retail sales outlet from competition by us or the  fulfillers while imposing on us a high level of incentive to provide excellent service to your provided vacationers.

As the Marketer, you have and retain the final decision on the certificate contents, design, graphics and package content, including any other products you wish to include in your Vacation Package.  You will be selling your Vacation Package yourself or through your agents. 

We continually search out available Vacation Certificates and other Vacation related products and services from numerous sources worldwide and advises you of the availability of these various certificates and products and we work with you on the development of a vacation related package that you feel comfortable selling. 

Have a product you now sell?  Bundle it with our package of vacations and use the free vacation as a closing tool.  We'll make a package that can be sold under your name.  Contact Us for details.

To get you started, we can also provide assistance including advertising sources and phone set-up information. 


[Click Here] and we will contact you.

How Many Pillows Are Under Your Window?

All our lives we create pillows to put on the ground to cushion the fall that ultimately comes - a lay-off!

As life goes on and the higher we climb that corporate ladder the further we have to fall and the more pillows we need to cushion our fall.

The best pillows we can create is an independent source of income from our own business - either part time or full time. With today's business climate and its resulting employer's attitude and their treatment of employees, here's an opportunity for your own personal huge fluffy pillow - Part Time!


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